Hawaii COVID Tracker
If an area has not been marked, no reports have been made there. Collecting this data may help determine which areas are possibly experiencing community spread. ZIP Codes are used instead of GPS for privacy. Click on a marker for more details.


84 Total Asymptomatic Reports

35 Total Symptomatic Reports

80 have not been tested

7 are waiting for their test results

23 have tested NEGATIVE

6 have tested POSITIVE

4 have been refused tests

16 have a fever

23 have a cough

12 have a hard time breathing

8 have chest pains/pressure

1 have new confusion

1 have blueish lips/face

91 have not recently traveled or been near anyone who did

14 have recently traveled off island

15 have not recently traveled but been near someone who did

Even if you are feeling completely healthy, feel free to submit a report so there is more data to compare. It's anonymous and only takes a few seconds!
NOTE: Only Oahu zip codes are currently supported. This app is still being developed and outer island support will be available soon.
DISCLAIMER: The data provided here is user-submitted and should not be considered as an actual representation of COVID-19 cases in the state.
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